Area under Chilli cultivation is around 221.5 hac in Ferozepur district.

Niche areas of Chilli are as under

Crop Name of villages Area(hec)
Chilly Bhure Kalan 3
Loombri wala 3.5
Bhadur Ke 4
Saide ke Naul 3
Mahalam 3.5
Beh kushadian 81
Machian 3.5
Bahikfattu 20.5
Basti khushaal singh wali 41
Bhago ke 29


  • Punjab Sindhuri
  • Punjab Tej
  • Punjab Surkh
  • Punjab Guchhedar


  • CH-3
  • CH-1

Nursery raising in polyhouses

S.No Time of sowing under polyhouse Time of transplanting
a. Third week of November Mid February
b. Ist week of February End of April


  • Distance between ridges - 75 cm
  • Plant to plant spacing - 45 cm

Growth Regulator for Fruit Drop in May-June

Two foliar sprays of naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) at 10 day interval @4g, 45 and 55 days after transplanting to increase the green and red ripe fruit yield of chilli.


  • Harvesting of crop starts from June to July.
  • Six or seven pickings will be required.
  • More pickings are possible for harvesting of green chillies.