Demonstration on Use of Fruit Fly traps

Demonstration of compost preparation for button mushroom at kvk fzr in vocational trg

Distribution of mushrooms spawn as flds 8.11.2017

Cucurbit nursery production in polytrays and cups at KVK Ferozepur

Flower Show by North Zone Railways at Ferozepur dated 10.3.2018

Method demonstration on layout of soil and water management in polyhouse during training vocational trainig May, 2016

Promotion of protected and off season cultivation of Indra Capsicum

Exposure Visit at International Mega Food Technology Park

Introduction of new crop of marigold at KVK Ferozepur

Evaluation of Implemented Kitchen Gardens in Dhira Patra Adopted VIllage - May, 2016

Inspection and spot guidance of farmers field to avoid whitefly attack on potato crop at Butasinghwala Village

Vocational Training at KVK Ferozepur on poyhouse/ nethouse - May, 2016

Method demostration on preparation of compost of mushroom at KVK Ferozeppur

Method demonstration on training and pruning of ber tree dated 11.5.2016

Awareness programme opn Skill development for rural women of adopted village wahkamour- may, 2016

Promotion and distribution of PAU recommended mushroom spawn

Farmer field visit to evaluate the progress of recommended low tunnel technology in capsicum crop at village Loombriwala by KVK Ferozepur Scientists

Diagnostic visit at farmer field of village Hastiwala dated 9.12.2015 by KVK Ferozepur Scientist

Field visit on onion field

Distribution of mushroom literature to the trainees during vocational training on 8.2.2018

Diagnostic field visit for chilly crop